Monday, 8 March 2010

Merci Liberty

Photography by Kate Kelleher.

When Liberty opened its old wooden doors this morning, sunshine wasn’t the only thing waiting patiently to see the limited edition Liberty Merci collaboration, remember this post? In we streamed and began our visual treat of floral prints at its timeless best. The floral Merci Liberty suitcases were flying out. I spoke to someone who said they only had 180 suitcases and at the rate they were being bought they would have sold out before lunch. Apparently when Merci opened its doors last week during Paris fashion week, Paris was going crazy for it. He said it was unbelievable madness!

Armed with that knowledge I bought some too, and then thought about it and bought a few more, and also found myself hording a mug, and a couple of charm bracelets made with Liberty floral fabric in my panic. On the train back home, I thought about the suitcase I had bought for Matilda. I know if I give it to her now, it will last until tomorrow. So I decided I would hide it and fill it up over the years with little treasures and give it to her on her wedding day.

The sun is still shining in London, and it is certainly smiling down on the Merci Liberty collaboration, and as the collection has been such a hit, there is talk of even more sunshine ahead.