Tuesday, 17 May 2011

In Bloom

In Bloom.

England is so in bloom at the moment.

Crisp greens and buds bursting all over the land.

I love it.

This painting has a little story.

I was with friends at Cannizaro House celebrating a great friends 40th Birthday.

My present to her was one of my paintings of bugs on gold leaf. A man walked over to our group when she unwrapped it and asked if it was mine. I said it was and he asked if I had more. Yes, I said I do. He handed me a card, and it turned out to be Jeff Ward of Cannizaro House. 

So it turns out that this and another two paintings are now hanging in Cannizaro House, where art fills the walls as people take afternoon tea, and as the afternoon turns to night, cocktails are shaken and people take to their rooms, for a long good night.

If you fancy having a look at the artists filling it's walls, Jeff is hosting an evening of Art and Cocktails at Cannizaro House this Thursday 19th May 6-9pm. So do come along for an evening of fun!