Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I know you are going to like this one.

My mantle with one of Kris's color stripes mushrooms.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the words. Sometimes it’s hard to find a vision. Sometimes you get a call from a good friend and it can change all that.

Such a simple thing, a voice. We live in a world that is void of contact be it internet, text messaging, blogging, tweeting, face booking, blablabla you get the idea. The sound of a friendly voice with a laugh in her pocket can blow the lot away.

My friend rarely texts or comments on facebook, she says she doesn’t know what to say. But you see she does, as she is always the dependable one to pick up the phone, to chat and actually hear the laugh. Thank you my friend, you know who you are. I look forward to a few more laughs at the weekend.

On the subject of the weekend and texting, my sister asked me today’ Do you fancy going to the County Show on Monday? Lots of rare bread animals with large goolies!’ 'yesyesyes!' I responded. She knows me well, I love this kind of thing! (rare breads you understand.) You can imagine the banter back and forth, as we both have four year olds who are curious about the egg and the funny swimming thingy. So much so I had to buy Dillon that ‘Mummy laid an egg’ book. Those of you with kids, I know will now be laughing. I was not prepaired for the page ‘and here are some ways that mummies and daddies fit together!’

On that note I shall leave you, and I promise at least one photo in some form or another, of said rare breeds next week!