Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Natural treasures

Bowls of nature we started to collect while on holiday in Cornwall. We explored them yesterday for a few minutes, drawing on paper what we saw. Wizzy snail shells and tracing around rocks that we found on the beach. Remembering how the sea took us by surprise and rushed up to greet us, filling our wellingtons and nearly knocking us over.

We have had a fun holiday weekend. Tom made cardboard jets the kids could step through and hold onto. They painted them and a fair amount of my garden, rainbow colours. Smiles and rainbows zooming around the garden.

We had delicious supper with friends, wine and laughter, a short walk home, rain sparkling like diamonds as it came down around us.

The next day we planted olive trees to line our front garden path. We all helped, four bottoms in the air, little hands making holes for new life. It feels like our house is now complete, we have given it time and energy, perhaps we are now ready to move on, and let another family fill these walls with their own rainbows.