Monday, 22 February 2010

Merci Liberty

Merci and Liberty are holding hands next month and sliding into bed with each other. Two lovelies rolling around making out, and guess what? Not only do we get to watch, we get to play.

Marie France Cohen, creative director of Merci has paid tribute to Liberty’s signature flower prints and encompassed a collection ranging from fashion for the ladies, men and kids, and extended the collection into homeware, stationary and accessories.

The collection will be unveiled at Merci on March 1-21st and then hopping over to Liberty who will have a pop up shop March 8-31st. Fear not those of you that can’t make these destinations, it will also be available online from Liberty. This is sure to be a smash, so if you want it, pencil it into your diary, it won't be around for long.
Merci Liberty a match made in heaven.
P.S. I remember my mum making my sister and I a Liberty flower print all in one shorts ensemble when we lived in the States. It was little and I do mean little, you wouldn't let your daughter out in it these days number that consisted of an all in one spaghetti strap top, that was rouged in that the waist and then wait for it, shorts that just cupped the bottom. I did hunt through my photos so you could have a good laugh, but alas somehow that particular picture has been mislaid. Shame.