Thursday, 12 July 2012

Idle beat of rain

The lazy edge of summer
has been replaced by the idle beat of rain
so steady the fall

I look up to catch the feeling
 feel the wash upon my shoulders
burdening all I hold 

Turning my back  
 I gather my thoughts
through the mottled blur I step forward
moving back home to us


Schools out for summer tomorrow.
 I know my posts have been far and few these last few months. 
I have been gathering my thoughts and looking after my brood. 
Starting to play with my work and think of things of new. 
Trying not to be scared of failure and just giving it a go.
This is easier to write than do.
I will pop by through out the summer.
I am willing the rain to stop and bring instead some shine.

Good bye for now and happy summer!