Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The river that flows both ways. Spencer Finch.

Recently I saw this picture. Its Spencer Finch’s ‘The river that flows both ways’. The colours, rhythm and scale made me want to know more. It is a brilliant art instillation on the Highline, Manhattans newest park, built and landscaped onto a track made in the 1930's to transport freight trains from the Hudson through and above NY City.

Photo Florian Koenigsberger

Spencer Finch is an artist who likes to replicate time and space using colour. Thinking it would be impossible to take one photo to replicate the water of the Hudson as it is constantly changing, so he took 700 pictures to try to get close. He strapped his camera to the side of a boat and then photographed the water every minute for 700 minutes. He then matched the pixels of each photograph to 700 individual panes of glass, which he then placed in windows in an old loading dock.

Photo Jonathan Flaum

The Highline,10 years designing and constructing, this magnificent elevated park in the sky will be a mile and a half long when finished, bringing wildlife back to the city, communities together and a place to gather and relax. This is on my list to see that’s for sure.

Photo Flickr 1hr photo

Photo Flickr Melann2

Photo Jesse Chehak