Friday, 26 February 2010

Kung Hei Fat Choi

We celebrated Chinese New Year last Sunday with friends, all be it a bit late. We ordered (or rather I have to take responsibility here) far too much Dim Sum that even the lazy Susan couldn’t spin round the table, not for the sheer weight of dishes, but because there were too many other dishes already on the table. Oh their faces as they bought out, basket after basket. I wanted to hide under the table. Of course I then had to over compensated my mistake and eat far too much. We all had doggy bags that lasted until yesterday! I now miss not having it for breakfast.
Dillon was given this lucky charm by our waitress, his new love. He wanted to hang it in his room and chose this spot. I just hope it brings me luck next time we are there as my husband could not believe what I had done! Hey ho, you only live once. All be it with a very full belly.