Sunday, 1 July 2012

the hay was as high as our mood....

Wild Daisy by Kate Kelleher

Beside the stream by Kate Kelleher

Daylesford Organic earlier today.


the hay was as high as our mood
as we flung it by
and we kept on going for a long while
to beat of the drum in our hearts
together pounding

the time was filled with laughter and wine
as together we sat
surrounded my the meadows and flowers
of the moment

we came to wish the day of my dad
a happy one
as we raised a glass to the sun and our shadows
were there somewhere behind us

the cousins blurred around us
as we watched
touched by their love
and of that of our own, we clasped hands 

 through the golden glow of light
we return with our memories
feeling forever 
and wearing our smiles high

I am showing at The Moreton Gallery in the Cotswolds this summer
until August 17th, if you are there, be sure to pop by, it's a lovely gallery.

Be sure to also take time to visit Daylesford Organic it feels like heaven.