Friday, 1 June 2012

Happy happy Jubilee!

Artwork by Jane Perkins found via shinyslingback

I am so excited , I can't wait to see what is going to unfold over the next four days in London!

The anticipation of celebration is in the air, and we are ready to party!

Fizz is chilling, bunting is swinging, (you will laugh if you drive past my house) friends will be arriving, and we will head to London for a glimpse of the Queen upon the Thames. 
Come rain or shine we will wear a smile upon our faces and wave our flags high.
There are plans of a good old fashioned party, the neighbouring sort, we'll all bring a dish and sit upon tables, lining the streets of our home.  
We will smile to our friends and raise a glass to those present, 
and to those of you far away, 
I hope you get to see the festivities one way or another, cheers to happy days!

Long live the Queen!