Monday, 15 November 2010

A good good day.


Hello and welcome to my first open house studio.

Here are some shots of my house before everyone arrived. 
I did not manage to take shots during the event, as thankfully it got a little busy!

I tried to emulate a gallery feel, but I wanted it to be a relaxed experience as it was in my own home. This was the most popular room, as always...the kitchen. 

While my paintings were for sale, it was not the sole purpose of the event. I wanted to get feed back about my work. So I invited friends and anyone who had expressed an interest in my paintings. I hoped to delight all of the senses, scented candles, good food and wine, chill out music and great friends. 
Everyone chatted, ate and drank, it felt like a party. Or was that my adrenalin?

I decorated the windows at the front and back of the house with garlands I made from paper buttons and leaves. I looped them across the window like a pearl necklace and let the ends hang down.


It was nice to hear comments about my work, all very positive, and it was great to meet new people, as some friends brought some of their friends. 

I hung as many of my pictures as I could, and if a painting sold, it got decorated with a red dot. 

I hope that everyone had a wonderful time, and I want to thank all who came, and made it such a magical day.

It was great fun.

I will throw open the doors again next year.

Stay tuned!