Friday, 13 August 2010

Learning to fly.

It started with my sister and nephews arrival with five of these beauties, that they had raised. Can you see it? A Painted Lady Butterfly. 

We chose to release them at Wisley, beautiful gardens not so far from where I live.

We found a spot that we thought they would like, one by one, they each came out of their house, took a few moments warming their wings in the sun then, off they flew. It was such a nice feeling. Each child released one and my sister asked them to think of a wish to send it on it's way. (being four and two year olds this consisted of lots of lovely lovely flowers, a butterfly car and pink flowers, what more could a butterfly want? An umbrella might have been more adequate!) 

Now, there is always one right? This one. This one did not want to fly. It happily say on my hand for ages. It was nice being able to see it so close up.

It belonged to Matilda, we sat and waited and waited. In the end as it didn't want to go, I placed it under a cluster of flowers with the sugar food soaked paper. When I walked past later it had finally flown.

There is always lots of things to do at Wisley, we built rafts and wigwams,

and even found a sunflower maze! Finding our way to the castle in the middle was fun, although I had to keep my whits about me with three little ones all going in different directions, all smaller than the sunflowers! 

We bought a flower head home that was left on the floor of the maze. Today Dillon and I sat down and learnt how to draw one. First in pencils and crayons and then in paint. 

Our masterpiece hangs in his bedroom. Hopefully he is dreaming of flying, and at the very least, learning to dream.