Saturday, 14 August 2010

Nuno Magazine.

Here's a thing. A beautiful thing. 

Nuno magazine. 

A brand new online magazine, the first edition is out now, and aptly as Autumn is round the corner draws inspiration from the forest, using recycled objects. I down loaded my copy this morning and I can honestly say there are so many projects I want to do. The kids want to make the masks and I have wanted to make the bird puppets for a while, but errheerr have had little time to pursue my desires of late. My favourite is the covered paperbacks shown above. I don't think I could take on the challenge of a whole bookcase, but a selection for our guest room could be feasible.

So if you like to create, you might just like to step a little closer, here is where you can preview the magazine, and here is where you can buy the full copy. ($5, £3.30)

I am looking forward to the next edition!