Thursday, 4 March 2010

While I am waiting for paint to dry...

Today I had the luxury of time. A whole day to myself. So I have been working on commisssions. I was also honoured to find I had been given a Creative Blogger award by Kyle from 3 Sheets, which means I have to tell you seven things about myself and then pass it on to seven others. So while the paint is drying here you go;

1)  I never meant to start a blog. Words do not come easily to me, I learnt it can be visual.

2) I am very greedy, I love good food and I eat far too much, as often as I can.

3) I used to be a homeware buyer I loved travelling and sourcing beautiful things.

4) My favourite smell is Violet. I love it so much we named our second child Matilda Violet.

5) I accidentally left my handbag in a bar one night. Someone picked it up. Seven years later I married that someone.

6) When I get woken at night this toe tapping tune goes round and round in my head, lulling me back.

7) My friend once introduced me to David Beckham at a party. He is worth all the hype. I am still recovering.

The same friend, Greg wrote the music score to a movie I went to see tonight called 'Don't worry about me'. It will be on BBC2 on Sunday night (23.45). It was a strong portrayal of two main characters, their lives, and those around them, with lots of laughter and a few tears. Defiantly worth watching.

Marie, Kris, Maritza, Emma, Lou, Nevin, Mano. Fancy having a go?