Monday, 9 November 2009

Carol Peace

This is my only sculpture, she was made by Carol Peace and my husband bought her for my 30th birthday. He also decapitated her soon after I had given birth to Matilda six years later. Knowing how upset I would be, and how my hormones were guiding me, he quietly left the house and left her head on the side for me to find on my own. Yes, I did cry. Probably even sobbed, and then got out the uhu.
She makes me stand tall and makes me feel like I can do anything, she even gives me a sense of calm.

We recently visited Broomhill Art Hotel in Devon, every which way you turn there are sculptures popping out at you, within their fantastic grounds, tucked neatly into a valley. It is well worth a visit, they do an excellent meze lunch. Carol Peace had many of her ladies there, luckily my husband kept his hands in his pockets.