Monday, 30 April 2012

Come on down, grab a glass of wine, and have some fun!

Every Open Studio we are asked to produce a board. 
They sell these to help with the running costs of the show. 
I think they sell them for a mere £55, which is a bargin. 
This is mine for the next show, I hope it dries in time... 

So come on down, grab a glass of wine and enjoy some art...only 10 days left to go! 
There are 130 artist taking part over the four days, starting on the 10th May.
My studio is in the red block No 292.

Next to my studio is Katharine Le Hardy, look at her amazing painting. 
Katharine has magic hands, she paints scapes her water, looks like a mirror. 
You have to come and have a look!

Btw I am a little addicted to twitter at the moment...follow me, we can have some fun! :)