Monday, 8 November 2010

Gathering thoughts.

I am just sitting here gathering my thoughts , while the rain tumbles down outside. 
My weekend was cozy and filled with good friends, wine and food, just how I like it. My friend asked me to be her bridesmaid, an honour that takes my breath away. It made me think of my friends and how we have all traveled through life, holding hands through good times and sad times, but some how we get through it, and we watch as our children dance at our feet, and still we are there, holding hands together, leaning on each other when we are in need. And we will continue to watch, as our children then join hands together and begin to walk along the path of life.

So here I sit, trying to gather some pace to finish the last of my paper cuts for the open studio.  Everything is ready, my paintings have been hung, the wine has been drunk.... and re bought, sushi has been ordered and re ordered in panic as more people are coming than I thought. (I hope my husband isn't reading this.) 

The butterflies are falling from the paintings and dancing in my tummy, and I know my friends will be there to catch them.