Thursday, 1 September 2011


We found ourselves at Parlour on last Saturday for lunch.

It is divine.

Dillon ordered the fish and chips. 

I was tickled with the presentation.

A little frying basket for the fish and chips, mayo, vinegar and a squeeze of lemon wrapped in cloth, all sitting on a wooden chopping board.

(Once empty, Matilda used the little frying basket as an air guitar.)

Tom had a small skillet of bangers and mash.

Who ever designed this restaurant is a genius.

A wonderful mix of furniture, and this giant chandelier made of kitchen utensils.

There were so many little quirky elements within the restaurant.

I felt like I was in New York.

Hanging cocoons to chill in.

There were little teacups placed in the nooks where the lights are.

The loveliest wallpaper I have ever seen.

Silver with botanical etchings on it. I have to find out where this is from.

If I was ever brave enough to have a tattoo, I would start here for inspiration.

I would have peonies, mixed with other flora and twirling leaves cascading from my shoulder down the top of my arm. 

I shall keep dreaming...

Even the ladies was glam.

If you are ever in Canary Wharf, spend a few hours here, you will love it.