Friday, 11 March 2011

Forever falling

I finished this piece today for a wonderful couple, it was love at first sight for him. 
Boom! He was in love. 
She felt slightly differently. 
He had his work cut out, but never the less, he knew she was special.  
He persevered. 
She saw the wonderful in him and later accepted his invitation to be his wife. 
He commissioned this painting to celebrate the birth of their son. 
Good things happen to those who wait, and are determined!

I know Friday night is not a great time to write a post but chaos reigns here at the moment. 
Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blueskybutterflystudio facebook page. I got the keys to my studio this week, I am going to hopefully move some furniture in this weekend. 

I went to the Affordable Art Fair last night. 
It was wonderful, SO many talented artists there. 
This is a good show, so if you are going I hope you don't leave empty handed.

Happy weekend, and to those who have family and friends in Japan, my thoughts are with you.