Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Cowboy Kate

I think it is fair to say when I was at art college I became a little obsessed over one of the books in the library, Cowboy Kate by Sam Haskins. Probably seen as fairly erotic in the 1960's when the book was first printed, the beautiful black and white images are endearing and noble. The girls are relaxed and playful, and raise a smile. I spent the duration of my time there taking it out of the library, and simply renewing it each time it was supposed to go back. For all that time the book was mine, and I thought I was Cowboy Kate.

She is a gorgeous milky white cowboy who one night wonders into a bar to find Rosie, cheating the ace. As Cowboy Kate is an honest girl, she shoots Rosie dead. The sheriff offers a reward, and pins it to a tree, but Cowboy Kate being the kind of girl that she is turns herself in.

I love this simple story told in bold pictures, with its graphic composition laid out on each page, and of course the sexiest lady in the West, Cowboy Kate.

All photographs Sam Haskins.