Friday, 18 June 2010

The joy, the pain, the climb, the chase.

The joy, the pain, the climb, the chase. My husband Tom is taking part in a challenge today. One that will take him away from us for six days. He and six team mates will be cycling from Scotland to Wales via the Lake District to the peaks of Snowdonia (300 miles). Once there they will climb over 3000 feet in two days, camping on Mount Snowdon and covering 40 miles on foot. The Coldstream Challenge. A big challenge.

He has a fancy new bike, a new body and a drawer full of padded lycra. The training has been extensive. It has taken him away from us for a fair amount of time, but all this is worth it for they have so far raised £34k for Help for Hero’s and the Wounded Warrior Programme in the States.

When he gets home next Thursday evening, we will be waiting with smiles on our faces and a very proud heart. Reach for the stars Tom, you can do it! X

Now, let me wipe away my tears…… onto another small matter of a give away! The names were put into a bowl this morning, and not one, but two names joined together came out, so it only seems fair that there are two winners……Gilliecoco_28 and Mano. Well done! Email me your details and I will pop them in the post. Have a good weekend, please send good thoughts to the men on their bikes with the world passing them by.