Friday, 14 May 2010

Vox Populi.

In my former life we used to buy from a French company called Vox Populi. I first met them at Salon Maison & Object and immediately fell in love with the charm that Pascale creates with her wire sculptures. Each piece is a magical fairytale that takes you away to another land. She made châteaux’s twisted from wire with a tiny light, that you could actually switch on. It hung from the ceiling and lit a pair of small wire chairs covered in floral antique fabric. Wire chandeliers, with tiny multi coloured beach washed glass beads strung around it’s under carriage, with tiny birthday candles waiting to be lit.

Thank you Ulla from Mothtails for jogging my memory. I had forgotten this gem. I urge the rest of you to take a few moments out today to look here, the photos of Pascal’s showroom in Avignon is beyond words. Breathtaking.

Go.. now.... go on… go!