Friday, 29 January 2010

le petite atelier de Paris

I was reading the Inside Out blog archive and they have an interesting interview with Pia Jane Bijkerk. She is talking about her book Hand Made in Paris and how Paris is so alive with artisans who are able to sell their work easily due to help from the council who support them with cheaper rents, negotiable leases, and handmade markets. She also mentions a few of the artisans in her book and this boutique in particular caught my eye, le petite atelier de Paris. It is in the Marais which is a really fun area of Paris where we would stay on buying trips twice a year. They have a boutique and workshop combined, and make the most wonderful ceramics there with beautiful packaging and a blog that will make you smile. 

The house bell above, I bet you did not know such a thing existed? They say it rings with the wind or when you touch the little star. I bet you want one now.... or what about the desert wish bowl? Once you have polished off your desert, you are left with a wish; love, health, happiness, success, prosperity or friendship. Thats the kind of surprise I like!

I saw this from their blog, and thought it would be a great project to do with the kids. A walk to gather natures finest. Once home, roll out some clay, press on your finds, cut out and leave to dry, then they could paint them, find some wool and a few beads and they could have a necklace each.

It also appears that they give part of their workshop to an artist, so if it all gets too much for me here, you might find me over there….