Tuesday, 19 January 2010

French fancy. Nathalie Lete.

Coincidentally continuing on the French theme, I am really late reading my pile of Interior mags that I accumulate where even and when ever I can. I flipped through Elle Deco just now and found a wonderful piece about a designer Nathalie Lete. She does not stop creating, ceramics, books, prints, jewellery, rugs, there is no end to her talent.  If her work looks familiar you have probably seen it at Anthropologie (who btw are opening a shop on the Kings Road this year), Caravan, Lapin & Me, Designers Guild, Issey Miyake, to name just a fair few.
She has recently collaborated with Astier de Villate making a table service keeping their style but adding her signature.

 And where does a Nathalie feel inspired to make such wonder? An old factory on the outskirts of Paris that once made parts for the Eiffel tower. I love looking at peoples homes, but even better are spaces in which people create. Feast your eyes on this;

Well I won’t be showing you my small wall at home from which I am allowed to paint. And my cupboard crammed full of paint and the what not, which when opened everything tumbles out, but at least small fingers can not get in. (although once I did walk into the room to find Matilda had discovered my blue oil paints and had obviously thought they were body cream and spread it on herself from head to toe. Even tried eating it. Nice. She looked like a smurf! She improved with age, the floor didn't!)

Please let me have the energy to create like Nathalie Lete once my little ones are at school.