Sunday, 1 November 2009

Paper Butterflies

Autumn Paper Butterflies by Kate Kelleher. My favourite colour mix to date. I went to one of my favourite shops yesterday, Libertys. They had some beautiful hand printed Japanese paper which of course found its way into my shopping basket, so I will try to make some butterflies soon. Such a beautiful shop on so many levels. Ronnie Wood has collaborated with Tamara Salman Liberty’s Creative Director and come up with a colourful collection from dresses to gorgeous scarves, you can see it here.. (One of his colourful scarves would not look out of place framed.) I believe the collection is available from tomorrow.

Of course I then had to head down to the new kid on the block, Anthropologie. I don’t know about you, I always feel that I discovered this store, and that it was only made for me! Loved the teabag curtain that everyone is talking about, a nod to one of our drinking habits. I think it is fair to say, I was the only one stroaking the walls, absorbing the colour and textures through my fingertips. Everyone else was absorbed in empting their wallets! I love it and I am wishing I bought one of the little wooden birds balancing on a cricket ball despite its hefty price tag. Oh and the purple dress that was shouting at me to buy it. I think its only polite that if it wont leave your mind, and you are still dreaming about it in the morning, it is only right to go back and get one, right?