Friday, 6 November 2009

Oh I can hardly contain myself!


Tomorrow my husband’s bottom will be firmly planted on either our sofa or in a pub with his friends, as the rugby season starts. So I am wondering what to do with my little ones.
We might just have a meander around a local park where they can feed the ducks and be squawked at by the geese. Followed by me trying to fish the kids out of the pond, while keeping an eye on the advancing deer, as the buggy races down the hill…..
So you see it is only fair to get over the trauma, one will need a little retail therapy in Attic, a treasure trove of a shop. Filled with well sourced vintage galore for the home and garden, with kids things thrown in for good measure. The problem is you want everything, and within two minutes of being inside, you have convinced yourself that you need everything. So you buy it.
The good news is they are opening yet another shop, labelled as furniture and fine things. The excitement is building up; I seriously can not contain myself.