Monday, 13 December 2010

Getting there.

Not so long before Santa comes shooting down the chimney.

He halls have been decked,

and the above wreath has been hung upon my door.

I like to make my own,

and believe me if I had a few more hours in the day,

I would not stop there. 

 I would be stringing swags along the mantle and down the bannisters,

ohhh and who knows what I would create around the front door.

Anyone who lives locally and wants to learn how to make one, 

I will show you how, just let me know. 

Tea, cake and a good natter round the kitchen table appeals.

Oh I nearly forgot to say, I came across The Anthropologist

If you have not seen this, and you have some spare time, take a look. 

You will get lost in each and everyones world.