Wednesday, 22 February 2012


My table holds new work, time will tell if I manage to go where I want with it.
But so far the journey feels right.

I daren't show you the painting on my wall that I am working much for changing my style. Perhaps thats it, you can't. 
How you paint is how you paint. 
Full stop. 

I had a little laugh to myself today as the paintings bright colours look like the Queens dresses. Vibrant. 
Did you know she always has to be the brightest dressed person in the room? 

Whatever the out come of the painting, it has been christened 'Queenie'.

Loving twitter at the moment. 
Hello to new followers on pinterest. (how addictive is it?)

My friend Amelia Critchlow is having an exhibition at the crypt gallery, London. If you are going to see Freud, it is just across the road. 

Also if you are in London look out for the Big Egg Hunt! Matilda found 8 the other day, she loved it.