Thursday, 1 December 2011

Santas elves at Orange Pekoe

Last night while you were sleeping Orange Pekoe, a gorgeous tea shop in Barnes, London, 
had some elves spreading a little magic throughout out it's decorative walls.

At the window stood the very talented jewellery designer Emma Cassi  painting as commuters sped home from work. It was a delight to see their faces as they watched her swirl the paint upon the windows. Emma had designed a colourful winter wonderland scene and asked me to decorate it with bugs and butterflies. 
So together we painted, and chatted, giddy with laughter. 
It was so much fun to do something different, and something together.

It was also lovely to meet Lynne from Tea for joy blog, who was also there to capture the essence of the tea rooms as she has a passion for the ceremony of tea, and to be honest, all things gorgeous.

It was interesting hearing her talk to Marianne, the owner of Orange Pekoe about the teas and their blends. Marianne gets the growers to blend teas especially for her, so much effects the taste of the tea from year to year, I had no idea there was so much to tea.

Marianna and her team were also filling baskets upon baskets full of nougat, chocolates, sweets and goodies I can only dream of. 
Mantles were stacked with scented candles, filling the shop with a heady scent of flowers and tea. 
Tables were submerged with cakes and almond biscuits. 
This place is heaven. 
Scenes from the movie Chocolate kept popping into my mind. 
Marianna is passionate about her trade and this comes across in the decadence with which she fills her tea rooms.

As I left, Emma slipped some beautifully wrapped packages into my bag.

Can you believe it?


Emma always wraps them so beautifully. 
(tea pot painting is by Emma Forrester at Wimbledon Art Studios)

Matilda has been given a beautiful necklace of lace crystals and silk.
She will love this.

And my parcel contained a beautiful bracelet, of Liberty print wrapped with lace, on which Emma has sewn sparkling glass beads and silver stars. 

I am pinching myself, thank you Emma for the gifts and the pleasure of working with you.

And I am sure the lucky people of Barnes are pinching themselves too, as the elves were working well into the night to bring some magic to a winter wonderland.