Tuesday, 7 February 2012



I've been working on a couple of pieces for charity auctions coming up.

Seems like a good opportunity to give something back, while I sit and think about my style of working, and what I want to be making next.

I am finding it hard to find the courage to move on, perhaps a bit of me likes the known, and at the same time scared to venture forth. I need to just try, even if I ruin a few things along the way.

In the mean time I am gathering bits that I have forgotten about, sorting through layers upon layers of lace, buttons etc from my by gone days as a buyer.
We used to go to NY and hunt through all the flea markets, filling our pockets with bags of beads, old frames, hand bags and the such like.
Oh such glorious days.
The flea markets used to be up in the meat packing area, in old parking lots.
I wonder if they are still there, or if they have been replaced by galleries and fancy shops.
 I hope to get the chance to visit one day, to see for myself.