Friday, 24 September 2010

Come on in and stay a while.

It seems that there is some interest in my open house studio idea, well not exactly my idea, lots have done this before me, there are people interested in coming and having a look at my house, even if it is for a natter and glass of wine, which is more that fine by me!

I thought I would give you a sneak peek of my work that I have around my home. I have so many more ideas, big and small so there will be more to follow.

The first picture is on the main wall of our lounge. I love the colours with in this piece, there is a lot of depth, I think I must have put fifteen or so layers onto it. The next three pictures are also of our lounge.

 I love to have over sized paintings on the wall, it gives it some impact.  The top two are at one end and the following two are at the other. The fish are very calming they sit above this mantle piece opposite one of our sofas. You can see it up closer here.

It is a dull day here in London, so this picture is not great. There are bugs painted onto the gold leaf. You can see more here. This painting is lovely as it really shines, light bounces off the gold leaf, which you can see from the street in front of our house.

This is a painting of Apollo butterflies male and female from a distance they look quite hidden but if you look here they are actually very defined. 

Then we move down the hall past the front door, where there is another reflective painting, this time on silver leaf. For this one I used real silver and I am going to let it tarnish a little more before sealing it with varnish. I like the wonderful colours that comes from oxygen and metal reacting together. There is something nice about having no control over it too.

Then come with me down the hall and into the kitchen passing this painting of magnolia branches as you go through. The magnolias are pinker and warmer than the photo is letting on. 

Here is the main wall in my kitchen, and essentially the heart of my home. The painting above the kitchen took me so many months, seasons came and went! It went through so many transformations before it was finally hung. I wish I had photographed each stage, it really did look terrible on many occasions, thankfully I managed to keep on going. Sometimes I think as an artist you wonder if a piece is finally finished, this one had many finishes several times over. 

The piece next to it is one that I am working on at the moment, bugs and butterflies on a blue/gold leaf zooming around the board. I am going to have a little fun with this and add the odd bikini on a butterfly, bugs holding a cigar etc. The small patch of wall where this hangs is my 'studio', this and a cupboard that houses all my paints, so the doors can be closed when little people are around. (there have been a few disasters!)

The group of three pictures are the paper cuts I posted yesterday, I will add a fourth, time willing. 

I made this for Tom's wedding anniversary present one year. (cotton) I managed to make it around Dillon taking his lunch time nap when he was little. I finished it with pastel a medium I am not familiar with, in fact I think this is the only thing I have made using it. As you can see as the years have gone on, and friends have visited they have curiously touched it and smudged the pastels! (you know who you are...!)

This is where we make tea. Calming colours and I think the first paper cut butterfly picture I made. I will open an etsy shop to sell these soon.

I have to run now, as Matilda needs to be picked up from nursery. I will show you upstairs next week.

Have a good weekend, and if you are interested in coming to my open house studio for a glass of wine and chat, please let me know, and I will sort out a date sometime in November. You can leave a comment below, or through the Facebook button in the side bar or email me. Thank you.