Friday, 16 July 2010

Interior love.

Over the last few weeks a couple of friends have asked me to advise them on styling their homes. Which is, of course an honour. ( I really don’t think they know what they have got themselves in for. ) My love will always be with interiors. As this is where my thoughts lie at present, I thought I would share some interior shots that inspire me, and make me want to ruffle the feathers in my own nest.

Handmade beautiful plates sitting proud on the dark wall, mimicking the shapes of the hats on the desk below. Instantly adds personality. I love the fact they are not the usual floral vintage plates, but something more up beat and stylish.

This image makes me want to pull up a chair and relax with friends. I love the wall colour and texture, linked with the soft pendant shade, which makes it feel more luxurious. An unpretentious love of interiors caught well. Only a few people will be brave enough to pull this off. I wish I knew one of these few, I wish one was my husband!

A dark wall sets off the gold typography stencils beautifully.The use of black on black is brave and refreshing. Interesting objects placed on the drawers pulls you closer.

idakronberg via piquenique39

Interesting collections. I walk into so many bland homes that lack personality, and I can't understand it. Why would you not put something on the walls that you love? Either put something oversized be it a painting or at a boring push a mirror, or group together a collection of something that you feel passionate about. You don’t even have to buy it, it can be nature, things picked up from a walk or collected on your travels.


The simplicity of this shot appeals to me, and I like the use of linked colours. Be it curtains, cushions, vases, an arm chair or rug. If they follow a similar colour pattern the eye follows it round the room, making it more balanced.

Something a little humorous, theatrical and fun. While homes should be practical they should defiantly have elements of fun, if nothing else but to break up the monotony of every day routine. Something a little different to make you smile lifts the spirits, and we could all do with a little of that I think.
Maybe some of these interiors are not to your taste, however the principle is still the same, have some fun. There are rules I am sure you should follow for 'correct interior design'. I am not sure that I follow any, I just know what I like and I am brave enough to have a go.

Happy weekend to you all!