Monday, 14 June 2010

Heaven on earth. Attic.

‘Attic’ in Hampton consists of two shops sitting side by side, one gift and home, the second, furniture and accessories. A third is in East Molesey and is mainly kids. Alistair and Debbie throw everything they love into these shops, shake it all around and present it as a beautiful set that is imaginative and creative, and most importantly makes you want to take a piece of it home.

Jade jewellery laid out within pages of old books, a vintage mannequin laden with a paper skirt stand by vintage boxes housing jewellery shipped from the States. Flower corsages cascading down walls. A wardrobe once opened reveals old comic pages papered to the door, and filled with kids curiosities.

This is heaven on earth.

 Take a look….

Three shops, one heart. And a big one at that.