Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Anthropologie. There is no where like it here in the UK. Always innovative, spectacular, eye popping pieces. These are South African show pieces that are presently being shown in the UK.

Potter Frauke Stegmann is being showcased at Regent Street. Her tea sets are created from memories forged from forgotten pieces found in flea markets in Europe and South Africa. She recasts the objects in white porcelain sealing memories and intrigue with in.

Having a tree surgery company is handy for Adam Birch with an endless supply, he defines the natural shape of the tree, sculpting one off chairs. Head over to Regent Street if you fancy a pew.

Old school techniques with a modern vibe. Beautiful vessels by John Bauer are available at Regent Street.

I have been watching these from a far for a while. Humorous sculptures by Shirley Fintz. The handmade piled high animals, hitching a ride make me smile every time. Floppy oversized jugs decorated with floral and delft lavished with colours that zing. Available at Kings Road and Regent Street. More here.

The baobab tree created by Streetwires for the entrance into the Kings Road store. A project that helps over one hundred unemployed men and women, giving them chance to learn wire skills enabling them to create, and therefore provide.

Always innovative,
always spectacular,
always eye popping