Monday, 12 April 2010

Seed Cathedral for the UK Shanghi Pavilion 2010 World Expo.

all images © Heatherwick Studio

Wow wow wow! Look at this, it's the Seed Cathedral for the UK Shanghi Pavilion by Heatherwick Studio built for the 2010 World Expo.
It is made of 60,000-plus transparent acrylic shafts containing seeds at each base. During the day the 7.5 meter long shafts guide light into the cathedral, illuminating the interior. While at night the light source imbedded in each shaft glows, allowing the cathedral to glow.

all photos © Daniele Mattioli

 It was built to raisee awareness of the Millennium Seed Bank Project, an international conservation project housed at Kew Gardens here in London. So far they have banked 10% of the worlds wild plant species and hoped to have reached 25% by 2020.

An amazing structure housing the potential of life.

P.S. Talking of seeds I nearly forgot to add that Dillon gave me a seed from his toast at breakfast. When I asked him why? He told me that we should plant a toast tree!