Friday, 9 April 2010

Where the little people live.

In a year’s time, when my kids are a little older and can sit still for more than a minute, magically a small house will appear at the end of our garden.

This is where, if they are good, very very good, and love the garden and each other. (i.e., not pick my flowers and leaves, blind each other by throwing sand, whack the slide with a golf club, spray each other with the hose until someone squeels.... you get my drift) A little fairy might just find it's way to this house to live with us.

If they are lucky and exceptionally good, a small village of fairies might just find it's way to us. We shall have to start practicing to be good, because right now it looks like a sand storm has just hit our garden.

And a fairy would not like to get sand between her toes, now would she?

Photography by Koto Bolofo found via fashiongonerogue