Friday, 27 November 2009

Little treasures

A few little treasures from the toy box at Cox and Cox. A few of these might just have to find their way into Santa's stocking at our house.

Matilda will love the mouse in his sleeping box. Especially if she gets to cram it shut, while shouting 'night night' at the top of her lungs. Which is exactly why we will need those plasters, from that poor bear resting upon that shelf.

Dillon would love to try out the marble game especially now he has perfected hopscotch, it's something else I can call an outdoor pursuit. I used to be the marble champion at my primary school. I took out the reigning (male) champion in one fell swoop. As you can imagine it did not go down so well. But hey, we need to show them who is boss occasionally, don't we?