Monday, 13 September 2010

Barking mad. Abigail Ahern

I am always up for a bit of fun, which is why I love Abigail Ahern

Many of you will know her, she wrote ‘A girls guide to decorating’. Her vision is incredible, she plays with scale in such a way that Alice in Wonderland should be looking over her shoulder. Charcoal grey dark walls, with electric colour that makes your mind zing and fools your brain into thinking you are a rock star.
Last week at Maison Object, Europe's finest and most visually stimulating trade show for the home, she launched her new lighting range. Poodles, greyhounds, pelicans and British bulldogs with the finest french shades, perched upon their heads like bonnets. I thought I might have to find a space for a sleek grey hound, but I think it is the fancy pants poodle that is yapping my name. (they are available next week from her online store here.)

This lady does not stop with pouches and books, oh no. As if her trendsetting interior shop and concession at Bluebird was not enough for her, she and her sister Gemma opened a flower shop, selling beautiful posies and strands of silk blooms to the masses that flock there. (and worldwide online)

The first Saturday of each month she throws open the doors of her interior design business to help those of us stuck decorating our nests for free advice, which she offers worldwide with Skype.  So go now, and book your slot, this woman has not got time to hang around. Lets face it, there is no stopping her. 

She is way too cool for school, and I can’t wait to see what she pulls out of the bag next.
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