Thursday, 1 September 2011

My itch.

So you see, for the last couple of years I have been quietly and slowly developing an itch.

An itch, you say, how revolting....however it is not of that ilk.

It's the type that makes me want to spread my wings a bit, you know the type.


Pastures greener and all that.

Perhaps a farm? 

No let's think big, a manor house, no less!

Can you imagine?

I would throw decedent parties, and grow fields of flowers.

Wonder around the rooms, in a full skirts with a petticoat. 

Maybe even wear an apron.

My children could run and shout, without me silencing them.

Can you feel the space?

So I left my cramped little London house today, 

with two kids bellowing

and headed to the park.

You know, to find some space.

Only thing is,

everyone else is there.

All packed in.

All trying to find, that same space.

We play and then go home for supper and a mud bath.

Eventually my kids are quiet and asleep.


I think to myself, I will find some space for us for the weekend.

You know the kind of space.

I look on line at quaint cottages up and down the land.

It is beautiful, not too far, and we can all squeeze in.

I go to book...

not available until January 2012.

Oh ok.

It seems that everyone in the park already had that same idea. 

Perhaps I need to book before supper time.

The photo is from a card a friend gave to me for my Birthday. 

'Afternoon tea extravaganza'
Designed by Kit Kemp, design director/owner of Firmdale Hotels, with Steven Wicks and Mark Welford of Bloomsbury Flowers. 

They were awarded a Silver at Chealsea Flower Show.