Friday, 12 August 2011

Westport House, Ireland

When you live in countryside as beautiful as this, you begin to stop looking around you.
Take it as everyday.
When you live in the city and come to seek this, your eyes are drawn, 
locked holding the beauty.

This is Westport House, in Westport, Ireland.
Home, many years ago to Grace O'Malley, a real lady pirate. 

You won't believe this, but you get to peddle around the lake in these giant swans.
It looked easy.
Not so on the way back.

Now come on into the house....

I liked the grandeur of the chandelier,

 the sky ceiling,

and the dark hushed corridors, looking out onto the world outside.

a drawing room

followed by elaborate ceiling, in the hallway.

followed by a little boy, waiting patiently to see the dungeon.

A child's bedroom set up for play.

Master bedroom.

I'd be fine just here, looking at the ceiling.

I like the way everything has been left as if everyone is going to come back into the house, 
and carry on where they left off.

You can just imagine, the hustle and bustle that these walls have seen,
and they stand to tell the tale.