Friday, 14 January 2011

James Welling: Flowers.

Aren't these photos amazing?

 James Welling is the creator of such magnificent pieces. 

He exposes blooms onto 10 x8 film in the darkroom, he then processes the negatives.  Then using different colour gels behind the negative, he prints in colour onto a chromogenic paper called Kodak Endura Metallic.

I hope one day these come to London. I would love to see the colours first hand. 

The blurring and blending is dream like.

These came from his book; James Welling Flowers.

PS The January post from The Anthropologist is wonderfully written, with photos that make you feel you are part of the picture. Shawn Davis is a chemistry teacher and has a passion for fly fishing, and most of all enjoys the process of making his fly. 

This makes me want to gather some feathers and have a go, altho it looks fairly challenging. My husband went fly fishing for the first time recently and came back with nothing for supper. 
Challenging is one word, hungry is another.

Check it here