Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Who would have thought it?

Last night I painted the kitchen walls, ‘Lamp room gray’ and 'green blue' where we make the tea. I am really pleased with the colour, it’s very calming and comfy, it makes paintings/furniture stand out more. A few people have commented to me about how Farrow and Ball paints have more depth to them, I never really thought this possible for an emulsion, even thought they were a little loopy for saying so, but now I can actually see what they mean. 

So now I am converted and I will have to add ‘more depth’ to my list of paint vocabulary, so watch out if you come round. I might bore you. I will also have to bore you some time soon with a few pictures of Matilda’s bedroom. She now has one wall with ‘more depth’, and I am hoping get round to painting her a head board upon it sometime soon. Pictures to follow....