Sunday, 13 December 2009

Lucky Lucky lady

Inspirational wonderland, these are the only words I can find to describe Emma Cassi's home. Yesterday Dillon and I had the pleasure of venturing over to meet her, Bertrand and their gorgeous son Antonin, with his rather large spider. The boys soon took up camp in Antonin's bedroom, which then allowed me time to browse Emma's jewellery collection.

Vintage wooden drawers filled with beautifully made jewellery. Crystals, semi precious stones, lace, sequins, beads, all hand stitched by Emma. Sitting neatly. Row upon row. Waiting patiently to be admired.

I was a little greedy, I have to confess, I couldn't help myself. My eyes were bedazzled by a lace cuff of mirrored crystal with beads, sparkling like a snowflake. 'Me' it cried, 'pick me'. So I did. And then I saw another, a little plump darling, with lots of clusters of aged golden sequins, tickling its middle. This one was a present, so Emma bound it in a sheet of music and tied it tightly with string.

And then I was introduced to her collection for little ladies, hidden in a box. The lid was lifted, and I couldn’t help but picture my Matilda standing pretty, with a little number of lace and beads finished with a lace cluster and a number cut from tape. And another, there it was, a simple strand, with a dangle of lace and a number, too pretty to put down; this was also carefully wrapped, along with a tiny lace bracelet for a special little lady.

Once home, I unfolded the silver box and unwrapped the crinkled tissue paper, and nestled inside was my gorgeous bracelet. Shining like a snowflake, glowing with the heady spice from her scented candles…not a bad days work for a girl with a trailing hangover, from too much fun the night before.