Sunday, 4 July 2010

Good bye old times. Hello new.

There is something going on that is spiralling out of control. Time. Where does it go?

My boy has his leaving play at Pre School on Friday, they will be re in acting ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’. You know the story, a little egg hatches by the light of the moon, out pops a tiny hungry caterpillar that eats the world. Goes off for a sleep and emerges as a beautiful butterfly. They will not realise the significance of the story.

My four years of nurturing the little rocket that zoomed around my stomach and then the park, field, and garden feels like a rather large chapter is closing and a new one of course, opens. A new one that means I have to say good bye to him at the school gate as he treads the same school path as his father, and goes off to learn the things he will need in life, taught by someone other than us. He will have new friends, and then, us in turn will fill our time with these new friends and their parents.

A new book, new hellos and old goodbyes.

So go fly my little butterfly, I am looking forward to watching you grow. I know you will go far, just remember to turn around and come back. x