Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Salt Dough Christmas Decorations

Yesterday I went into my children’s nursery to make salt dough decorations to hang on the Christmas tree. I was greeted by 15 smiles, all very eager to get their hands sticky.

We kneaded, pounded, poked, and rolled out the dough. Some thick, some thin. Over and over we rolled and re rolled. Finally the cutters came out and the pressing and stamping began. Slowly but surly animals and shapes began to emerge. Squirrels, snails, bears, hedgehogs, foxes and even a moose, all were placed gently onto the baking tray ready to bake in the warm oven. Before you knew it out they came, and we covered them and ourselves with paint and glitter.

I left behind 15 even happier smiles and a menagerie of Christmas glitter.